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prefiere que ud. vaya a madrid. ¿quieres que te llame por teléfono? suárez: dile que me visite a madrid. ¿a madrid? pero mamá... suárez: nada de "peros". dile a esa señorita que vaya a verme a madrid. ¿a madrid? entonces, tengo que ir. pues, si está de viaje... voy a ver si puedo salir para madrid mañana. mañana, no. ¿por qué no? porque mi madre no está ahora en madrid. ¿dónde está? en barcelona, con uno de mis hermanos. ¿y cuándo regresa a madrid? pasado mañana. raquel: "pasado mañana". the day after tomorrow is the day raquel will finally meet teresa suárez and discover the truth about rosario. raquel says she will travel by plane to madrid. ¿avión? no, no. debe tomar el tren. sí, es verdad. para conocer españa, debe viajar en tren. bueno, es un poco tarde. tenemos que irnos. sí, es tarde, es verdad. camarero, por favor. ¿cuánto es? mil doscientas. muchas gracias. gracias. ¿piensa volver al hotel ahora? sí. pensaba tomar un taxi. nada de taxi. vamos a caminar. el aire está fresco. it's a beautiful night in sevilla. and even though it's 8:00, people are out shop
the reaction from brussels and go live to madrid, but first, this report. >> protesters have come to vent their anger, and from early on, by a police in spain were braced for a long day -- riot police in spain were braced for a long day. unemployment stands at 25% in spain, the highest in the european union. every week brings fresh job cuts, and frustration is growing. spain's economy is set to shrink by another 1.5% this year. there were similar scenes in several metro stations where hundreds of protesters face rows of officers. metro services have been largely suspended, and only 20% of long- distance trains are running. schools and many shops are also shut down. spain's general workers union says the nationwide stoppage is being observed by nearly all workers in the automobile, energy, shipbuilding, and construction industries. >> they are taking all our rights away -- all our rights. the banks and other business people are bringing us onto the streets. they are stealing our salaries. we do not have any rights anymore. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled across europe. in the por
la ronda de clasificacion, en el ultimo partido en espaÑa, barca y real madrid ganan en sus partidos del fin de semana. sigue con paso firme el barca, ayer supero de visita 4-2 al mallorca con anotaciones de lionel messi en dos oportunidades, xavi hernandez, cristian herrera, michael pereira y victor. barca sigue firme en el primer lugar y con messi que no para de anotar y seguir haciendo historia. con sus dos goles supero en anotaciones por temporada a pele. mientras tanto real madrid de visita supero 2-1 a levante en un partido donde cristiano ronaldo sufrio un corte en la ceja producto de un codazo que recibio, fue asistido medicamente en la cancha, siguio jugando y el mismo cristiano ronaldo abrio el marcador para los merengues a los 21 minutos, levante empato a los 62 por medio de angel rodriguez y sobre los 84 el canterano alvaro morata le dio la victoria al real madrid que sigue tercero en la tabla, superado por barca y el atletico de madrid. el 14 sera fecha fifa y la seleccion de espaÑa ya esta en panama. guatemala viajo a paraguay, brasil con colombia en nueva york entre
from madrid. >> again they came, from the factories, the public sector, and their homes. some who marched were from the nearly 6 million unemployed. some were pensioners. this is the second general strike in spain this year. it wanted to protest against government austerity and to show their anger. here, in a suburb of madrid, the most extreme consequence, losing their home. inside this block, three generations, six people on the brink of being affected. the police came, the bailiffs are there, the protestors lard if you gather -- the protestors gathered. earlier this week, spanish bank said the expulsions of people who were the most need it would be suspended. this came under pressure after two suicides were linked to a fictions. -- linked to evictions. >> it is almost certain that this eviction will not be carried out. then, celebration. the official responsible has not turned out. the family was immensely relieved. >> i'm really happy and i'm nervous. >> but when i asked what happens next, she had no idea. the bank could go back to court and get a new eviction date. this is the
estratega ganaron 4 a 0 sobre zaragosa el atlÉticod e madrid y real madrid tiene 20 suman 16. >> fútbol mexicano el pachuca con este gol raul jimenes y gol minuto 60 se prepara y al poste terminÓ ganando al amÉrica y pachuca eliminado anoche la liga mx con amÉrica. >> la maquina con santos y terminÓ encontrando el camino ghhacia la victoria los cardenales de stanford ganan ante colorado. >> el nÚmero 23 de west virginia y terminÓ sacando a west virginia. >> ♪. >> muchas gracias y mire usted la compaÑÍa de agua estÁ dando beca sp ir a la universidad los estudiantes deben presentar la aplicaciÓn tenemos (informacion en pantalla). entre y llene la aplicaciÓn.
villa villa:alba cierra 3x1 en otros resultados el real madrid goleo al saragoza y el atlético de madrid cayó . >> regreso a los estudios . >> gracias linsey y el horario de verano llega a su fin ésta misma noche, así que vamos a dormir un poco más. . >> disfrute de una hora más de sueño, usted tiene que dar una vuelta a tras al reloj, una hora más de luz y ahorrara energía, estados unidos hará el cambio nuevamente el 19 de marzo del 2013, aproveche usted en casa, se acuesta a dormir y mañana amanece con unahr más de sueo .
of thousands packed madrid to protest austerity. it throws down a challenge not just to the spanish government but to europe's leaders. protesters are trying to enforce a general strike by blocking roads. there were clashes with police, but protests were part of a europe-wide action with hundreds of thousands of people striking against spending cuts and austerity. >> all the cuts are bringing more unemployment. >> in madrid, protesters would from stall to stall, shutting -- pulling down shutters, turning on those using restaurants, surrounding taxi drivers but continued working. there are some basic facts driving the process. spain is in recession for the second time in three years. unemployment is still going out. the economy is weakening, yet further tax increases are in the pipeline. >> there were protests in at least six european countries today. much of the transport was shut down in a country where unemployment is nearly 26%. in portugal there was a general strike. in greece, protesters cried, and enough is enough. the economy has shrunk 23%. >> they have to a pay attention to the social
madrid goleo al saragoza y el atlético de madrid cayó . >> regreso a los estudios . >> gracias linsey y el horario de verano llega a su fin ésta misma noche, así que vamos a dormir un poco más.
on to the streets. >> in champions league soccer action, dorfman wins -- dortmund beats real madrid. voting is now under way across the u.s. as americans decide who will lead the country for the next four years. after vigorous campaigning right to the last minute and aggressive advertising that made it the most expensive campaign of all time, president barack obama and his challenger mitt romney both into the election day confident of victory. >> but most election polls say the race for the white house is too close to call, meaning the result will be decided in a small number of so-called swing states by florida, ohio, virginia, and new hampshire, which was the first to vote on the stroke of midnight. >> voting began early in this part of new hampshire. the first ballot such traditionally cast here at midnight, and after the first 10 were tallied, it was a drop -- draw. >> for president -- this has never happened before -- we have a tie. five votes each. >> of voting in dick's bill has never been a gauge for the rest of the nation, but this year, polls show the race is a dead heat -- voting in dix
will first call leo madrid, our newest application. the format is the same; speak briefly about your background as it relates to this appointment and what you would be interested in pursuing and prioritizing. >> i joined the military out of high school, served in the u.s. navy for 10 years. my last duty station was nas alameda across the bay; it was one of the last commands. as a young sailor and visited san francisco. i live in san francisco for 15 of the last 20 years, and until early this year i did not have any idea that that world war ii building had anything to do with the veterans committee. to me it was always the art center, and i thought the veterans name was more ceremonial than anything else. early this year began volunteering full-time there at the veterans building, and became an integral member of the american legion. i am the eight district historian, and appointed commander of post 36. the president of the veterans affairs commission, eddie ramirez, i had similar training in organizational development and strategic planning. i attended most, not all, of the
continente, manchester city y real madrid. >>pasividad en la saga inglesas, el arbitro no duda en decretar penal, y ejecuta cunahuero. real madrid avanza a octavos, manchester city se despide >>y como les hemos informado, héctor macho camacho enfrenta la lucha más difícil de su vida, oriundo de puerto rico, fue campeon mundial 3 veces. >>enfrentó a los mejores de su tiempo, sugar ray leonard. >>las siguientes horas serán sin duda dramáticas en la vida de
retiradas que ponian en peligor ,. >> vamos y regresamos en un flash (♪.) el real madrid y el fútbol méxico y fianlmente se fue a la final y llegamos con la acción deportiva del fin de semana. >>> y esto es acción deportiva y esto esta con la loza pesada y esto logrado y es una tarea difícil y al final quedaron cortos con sudamerica y llegan con esto y juegan en este momento leoon y llego esto y no hay quien detenga messi y tito dijo que es demasiado fácil y barcelo gfano 3 a 1 y madrd salió y hay que decirlo que les puso las cosas en una bandeja de plata y la díagonal y zapataso y en el minutos 61 llego el otro y en este país no sale bien para ganarle al marcador de 1 a 0 y las estadicticas favorecian y en acárreo de 16 y el hizo la batlla pero el cronometro fue la pesadilla y jugaran por el titulo y es tood lo que tenemos de los deportes y feliz tarde para todos. >>> el dio al voluntarios como carpas y dijo que serán retiradas muchazs carpitas portatilas y son de pipop esto fue después de que un bebe de 5 meses murio afeicciado . >>> y no sé procupe una nueva herrami
>> tanto el real madrid como al barcelona hicieron lo suyo para conseguir los triunfos pero vamos con acción deportiva >> los cardenales se impusieron frente a los patos con la racha más larga en la temporada y esa historia estaba a punto de terminar y kevin se presenta y anotación. >> se fue a tiempo de prorroga y lo ha puesto en la final de su grupo y el piojo tiene que entender que equipo que gana no se toca y atención más tarde miguel se encargaba de esta oportunidad, pero no le alcanzó. >> y en el otro resiltado vemos como se imponen tres a cero y el "chicharito" salió de titular y fue sustituido en el minuto 69 poniendose a un punto del equipo escarlata y vemos como termina derrotado dos a uno. >> leónel lionel messi se hizo presente también >> y se anoto una victoria. >> por su parte alabama hizo que carolina pagara su platos rotos frente a texas con una apabullante victoria. >> y mire usted como se retiraron estas carpas con el riesgo que los niños resultaran ahogados. >> vemos como después que la empresa de pantelillos twinkies se fue a la quiebra las personas come
as a growing mass movement put pressure on the authorities to act. for more we go to madrid where we're joined by maria carrion, independent journalist, former "democracy now!" producer from her latest piece is called "spaniards take on." start with the story of this woman who committed suicide. >> it is good to be with you. amaia egana member in the basque country and her case is especially tragic because she actually did not sure just how bad off the situation was even with her husband. so most people had no idea there have been a repossession an eviction process. she was so desperate and so ashamed of the situation that she jumped out of her balcony, her fourth floor apartments, as court employees can to evict her. this comes two weeks after police found a man dead in his apartment as they went in to evict him from his own after repossession. the movement to stop these evictions and repossessions has been working hard on this for almost two years. this is just the watershed. this has been the one situation that has actually forced the government and opposition and banks to come to the table
may be economic paralysis, all the more obvious. much of madrid was closed for business. there's a growing anger here that as the government tries to cut its debt by raising taxes and cutting jobs and pensions, people have endured about as much as they can take. the suicide of a woman being evicted from her home because she couldn't pay the mortgage has added to the outrage of protesters like jose marie garcia. >> reporter: people are becoming >> reporter: people are becoming desperate? >> reporter: but it's unclear what demonstrations like this can accomplish. economic policy isn't made here on the streets of madrid or in athens. it's made by the european union in berlin and brussels, by the people who are bank rolling the bailouts, and that's what's causing its frustration. people feel they've lost control of their own destiny. protesting and striking are the only options they have. mark phillips, cbs news, madrid. >> pelley: israel today assassinated the commander of the hamas military wing with a precision air strike, and they had the tape to prove it. the warplane scored a
madrid para negociar por ronaldo. no negÓ lo de mourino, pero si lo de el astro portuguÉs. y pascual pÉrez, fue asesinado durante en atraco en su casa. en santo domingo, su hermano carlos confirmÓ a la prensa este deceso. jugÓ por varias temporadas en los bravos, y en yankees de nueva york, que en paz descanse entonces. y pasamos a la gran victoria de los dorados ante correcaminos. en penales definieron y cuautemoc levantÓ otro trofeo entonces. y aquÍ estÁ el resultado de correcaminos y doradoso. y galaxy se enfrentarÁ a vancouver en mls. es todo en deportes. >>> gracias, y segÚn los veterinarios, tan pronto naciÓ este monito, los giants
derecha, sentenciando el partido tres por uno >>a real madrid le fue como en feria ante betis, ganan uno por cero >>hasta aquí la informacion deportiva, muy buenas noches >>y los invitamos mañana domingo a presenciar el desafio que enfrentan los equipos de fuerzas especiales, fuerzas comando se transmite 9:30 pm. >>hay un nuevo rey en el mundo de los videos de y outube, ya le contamos. <>>para mis padres lo más importante y lo que siempre nos decían, que solo nos podian dar educacion, era requisito estudiar, ir a la universidad, hacernos profesiónales. mi prisión me decía, educacion es algo que nadie te quita, al final de dia tienes que cuidar a tus hijos y lo podrás hacer porque tienes educacion. >>me llego la carta de aceptacion en harvard, mi papá lloró, dijo la hija de un balsero ira a harvard. >>esta es una experiencia latina conectese a generacion amé >>para la despedida nos vamos con las cosas de la fama, que puede dar internet, el video más visto en youtube, logró posicionar su video por sobre el de justin bieber, más de 3 millones de visitas ha tenido. >>l
and the federal bank fraud charge. madrid in june he lied to get a personal loan. he then resigned from office. he faces up to six months in jail but prosecutors say they are recommending a six days spread out over three weekends. would be followed by three years of supervised release. >> please investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. authorities say 46-year-old mary died after being hit by two vehicles as she tried to cross kenilworth avenue monday night. police said was not an across workcross walk. montgomery county police say% in aspen hill was struck on a georgia ave. the driver did say thepolice said the drivers stayed at the scene. >> the federal trade commission gives a google an ultimatum. >> and research in motion hoping it still has some blackberrys fans out there somewhere. good morning. >> good morning. research in motion the company behind the blackberry want to make sure they are still in the game. the plan to showcase the first two of their new smartphones on january 30 at and start selling them in february. this after multiple product delays. still they need a hit to help it c
.s. >> you are right. what's the name of that fault? >> the new madrid fault, it runs through southern illinois and into missouri. and - there is the possibility >> of course there is a possibility. there is also a possibility that when the millennium comes we are all going to blow up. >> there are more possibilities that there is going to be an earthquake on the new madrid fault, due to geological fact, that's my point. >> this will show you how it can happen. i live in a slab house, concrete one floor. i was in the family room ironing and i was hanging up a shirt and the iron started going like this and i said whatever you kids are doing up there cut it out. i didn't realize - it's a first time i experienced a tremor, and it was right in park forest. so it did happen and it's happened since. >> well speaking of faults i'm at an incredible fault here for not getting to the roll-in on sects and cults. so, but you're right, you're exactly right about the power of media and the history of ideas. i'll leave you out lauren, because we are going to get you in. but let me - because we are ta
, fútbol mexicano , inglés ,y español , real madrid gano 4 a 0 a zaragoza arrancamos con fútbol mexicano . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> en el azteca américa , recibió a pachuca de hugo sánchez . >>> pero dice chucho benitez , que puso el primero del partido , después raul jimenez pone el segundo y chucho en el 3 a 0 y benitez consigue el hattrick , para el ecuatoriano , américa gana 4 a 0 , querétaro ante chivas , 0 a 0 estaban las cosas , hasta que llego marco fabian con este golazo , ganan , en la liga inglésa manchester united , ante arsenal , en old trafford con gol de robin van persie y otro de evra , los red devils , ganaron 2 a 1 , manchester united , queda temporalmente primero en la tabla barcelona no sólo està de fiesta por el hijo de lionel messi , también gano al celta de vigo , alba , mermejo empata para el celta , partido intenso . >>> encuentra el segundo con remate de david villa el mismo para que jordi alba , cerrara el marcador , 3 a 1 , todos a la espera de la pequeña pulguita thiago . >>> después nos acompaña con pablo sandoval el jugador más vali
, mourinho llego a 100 victorias con el real madrid en inglaterra el chicharito hernandez , en el banco viendo como van persie anotaba al arsenal , e el fútbol americano , los cardenales ante colorado , ganando 48 a 0 , ante colo con 150 juegos sin ser blanqueados , el número 18 , atención troyanos ante patos de oregon , 20 pases acertados en 23 intentos , josh se escapaba , touchdown , mark también hizo lo que pudo , con 35 de 54 pases , 5 de anotacion oregon gana 62 a 51 , anotando 62 puntos algo que nunca había sucedido desde su existencia , en la nba , pierde clippers y gana golden state , 114 a 110 , gracias william . >>> alan el de los giants de san francisco , tras sus jugadas en la serie mundial convivio con sus fanáticos en una tienda departamental . >>> es importante dar un ejemplo a los chicos que van subiendo yo quiere que dejen un legado positivo , autografio a sus fanáticos felicidades ,
southern spain. madrid at 12 degrees for your temperature and rome at 22 and moscow at 4 degrees. mears yo here's your extended forecast. >>> our lead story this hour, syrian opposition groups have agreed on a new coalition and leader. they hope together they can topple president assad. the representatives elected a president for the syrian opposition forces. hatib was the imam of a historic mosque in damascus. authorities jailed him several times for criticizing assad. he finally fled into exile. members of more than 50 opposition groups negotiated for a week in doha. the foreign ministers of qatar and tur deand a senior official from the u.s. state department took part. opposition leaders hope the new coalition can serve as a kind of government in exile. they want to get more access to weapons and funds from abroad. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
. >> maybe it is true what they say in madrid, then i think that here's a way to go back to 2010. >> reporter: japanese officials have been criticized for their lax attitude toward the level. they are consciously making the case to increase quotas. >> translator: the participants may not easily agree to increase fishing quotas for next year. we want good discussions on how to confirm the recovery of tuna stocks and how to expand fishing quotas for next year and beyond. >> reporter: observers say the quota debate is likely to continue through the meeting until november the 19th. virginie pinon, nhk world, mock rocco. >>> tokyo has been enjoying a break from the rain. but that may not last with a storm heading this way. rachel ferguson has the latest in weather. rachel? >>> absolutely. we have a storm moving into japan from northeastern china, which is set to bring as well some problematic conditions into the next few days. i want to show you what it's been doing in china, first of all. this is coming out of china. we're looking at heavy snow and also some pretty strong winds. now, those winds
area. southern italy will be feeling those showers in the nex24 to 48. temperature wise madrid at 18 degrees and paris at 10 and very chilly and biting cold in moscow with 3 for your high. here is our extended forecast. >>> our lead story this hour, members of china's communist party are wrapping up their national congress in beijing. many delegates wonder whether departing president huh jin pou will keep hold of power. they include a president with a theory on sustainable growth and they give the same importance to his principles as those of other past leaders. delegates will select about 200 members of the central committee. those members will in turn select a new leader, something that only happens once in a decade. much has already been decided. communist leaders have sent out signals for months that vice president xi jinping will take over as the general secretary. the central committee will then select the standing committee, the apex of power in china. nine people currently sit on the board. that could be reduced to seven. of the current members only xi and khung are expected
as madrid. up to 20 in rome. and in lisbon. here now is your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
demonstrations in central madrid. clashes with riot police left some people injured. protesters also clashed in rome and milan. in spain and portugal workers went on strike, some schools were closed, and flight services were canceled. the labor confederation says austerity is a total dead end social protection and wages can no longer be sacrificed. critics say the european economy is stagnating due to these austerity measures. these cludtax hikes d payroll cuts in the public sector. that's all for business news for this hour. i'll leave with you a recap of the region's markets. >>> the european union will use its nobel peace prize money to set up a relief fund for children in war zones. the move follows criticism of this year's award to the eu. the eu says it made the decision ahead of the awards ceremony in norway on december 10th. the prize money is about $1.2 million. the union won the 2012 prize for helping to overcome the legacy of two world wars and bring peace to europe. the president of the european commission said the prize is a symbol of reconciliation. he says the award money shou
policía protesta por la crisis económica más de 5 mil agentes se manifestaron en el centro de madrid para denunciarla reducción de salario, tres días después de la huelga general, frente el ministerio del interior policías a viernes ten que tras los reiterados dwes pi dos en 3 o 4 años habrá más inseguridad. >>> pasamos en egipto, un tren se estrelló contra un autobús que llevaba a alumnos de un jardín de niños lo que provocó la muerte de 49 de ellos, en medio de desesperación y dolor familias buscaban los restos de los pequeños el cruce no estaba cerrado cuando el tren llegó al lara. >>> adela hernández la primera persona transgénero que asume un cargo electoral en cuba nació hace 48 años como niño, adela puh elegida a inicio de noviembre como delgada a la asamblea municipal en la localidad de... provincia de villa clara a 280 millas de la habana su cargo equivalente a concejal en otros países. >>> un inmigrante mexicano detenido en un centro de reclusión del sur de la florida esta vi viene la peor pesadilla de su vida. y qué tan útil la tarea e un indocumentados
. on thursday, london at 12, and madrid getting up to 14 here on your thursday. now here's a look at your extended forecast. # >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo. >>>
to speak against an appointment, leo madrid. >> you can finish a sentence. >> -- riddled with deception, hidden agendas. he accuses one group of indirectly being responsible for hundreds of thousands of veteran suicides and attempts. this gentleman is a loose cannon. >> supervisor kim: are there any other public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. (gavel) i want to thank all of the commissions and the veterans affairs commission that came today. i do want to acknowledge that we do have four women on the veterans affairs commission. that's great. we lost one. with this new seed that is opening, i hope that we can recruit more women as well. commissioner guy? i like to see the balance come up again. my colleagues at the previous rules committee, i was impressed by lee barnett; i appreciate your organizing work that he does as a student at city college; i know he will transfer to uc berkeley. he is engaged and active in organizing another young vets who are attending higher education; also impressed with michael mofey who works at the da office and has a
on to madrid. if people and other villages join us, we can reach a point where the pressure is high and off -- heidi enough to make the catalon government changed and not send it to the spanish treasury anymore. keeping that money, because in the end, it is ours. >> as the economic crisis has worsened here, the regional government has almost run out of money. that has galvanized support for the nationalist parties. they are campaigning have an important regional election this weekend. if they win, they say they want a referendum from -- on independence from spain. krul of the protest out in the countryside, these elections will be won or lost in the city. even here, nationalism is a potent force. but a lot of catalon companies do a lot of their business elsewhere in spain. and many voices here were born in other parts of the country. even if there were a referendum, it is far from clear if the majority would vote in favor for independence from spain. bbc news in barcelona. >> you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, cutting the murder rate in el salvador. could it be true tha
madrid drew with manchester city to take second place in that group. 10 supporters of the english soccer club tottenham have been injured in an attack by suspected fans of an italian team. they were partying ahead of a match when they were ambushed outside of a pub. witnesses say the attackers were armed with bats and iron bars. it happens every year -- the northern hemisphere is in the depth of darkness right now with each day getting shorter until the 21st of december and the solstice. >> for millions of scandinavian, that means it is time for light therapy to ward off seasonal depressions. experts say 10 days of artificial light can vanish sentence for up to several months. >> we decided to try it out in sweden. take a look. >> at this time of year, it gets dark very early in sweden. hear, the light never fades. for years, many of the locals suffered from depression in winter. then, this woman converted her cow shed into a tropical paradise. she and her friends go there to escape the scandinavian winter, at least for a few hours. >> we do not even get enough light in summer. most of u
for ice in much of the uk widely posted across the region. madrid only looking at 8 degrees. in fact, we saw snow in spain yesterday. now, let's move over to the asian continent. you can see another rain cloud forming over northern japan. badly hit again as we speak this morning we're looking at this low pressure system over north of hokkaido with this sagging cold front passing through the region leaving behind the wintry pressure pattern that is strengthening. so gusts of 100 kilometers per hour are likely in the next 24 hours which will be picking up those waves as much as five meters high. also snow. we already have a report about 70 centimeters in aomori prefecture. which is in the western flank of northern japan. ongoing snow conditions could trigger avalanche. and blizzard conditions in hokkaido. this is still on tap for you this morning. things will be tapering off, but a very short break due to this other system moving in from southern japan. and will be creating some wet and windy conditions even toward central japan into this evening hours. this is due to the stationary front
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